How I write taglines.

I did not beat the deadline I set myself yesterday to post but better late than ever.

I’m a copywriter and taglines are part of what I come up with, here’s how I write them. This is for a drug called Zed, a hangover cure that I conjured up.

Zed tagline scribbles
Zed tagline scribbles

I try and get lines that align towards each thought in groups, then cull that to what to me represents what I want to say then finally cull this to two or three. From there it’s submitting it for approval.

On an aside, a Zed-like drug should be created ASAP.

Back Again

I’ve decided to get back to actively posting, seeing as I do write for a living.

I’m looking at a sort of collation format where I post links I like/read with short blurbs about why I like them and the occasional post when the body & mind patana.

First post off this is tomorrow 1500Hrs Nairobi time.