Letter to my 13 year old self

Bobby in his infinite wisdom decide to tag me on this so here goes..

Dear Victorious,

Vipi Boss, this me, you but from the future, it aint that confusing is it?  I have couple of things and I think you’ll be alright from now if you follow even two of them.

One, the fact that you are the tallest dude in class, does not mean that you are the strongest, know this and it’ll save you from the thrashing that is just about to come your way.  Eric the guy with the big ears, avoid him like plague he is itching to slap you…..

I know by now she has told you that she does not feel you, get over it mopping around wont change anything kwanza you’ll look like a fool and act like one.  I mean those flowers you plan to buy will be put on display for everyone to laugh at and the letter you plan to write will be chambuliwad by all the chicks in her class, its going to be a rough couple of weeks for you so chin up.  This is when you’ll decide to start writing poetry, a misadventure you should abandon as soon as possible, love poetry aint your thing.

When mum and dad tell you stuff, listen to them very carefully, they’ve got your back no matter what, you’ll find this out very soon.

Now this business of you wanting to be a lawyer forget about it, it’s overated and you and maths were never meant to be friends so the fact that you got a 48 in that last paper should  not worry you that much, what you’ll be doing later on wont involve the two.  That computer should be your friend, love it and yeah also embrace the fact that you are a news guy, watch the 1 o’clock, the 7 o’clock and the 9 o’clock, read newspapers, magazine, books and all of that, you’ll congratulate yourself later.  Another thing, next year’s KCPE, you will fail so look forward to high school it’ll be better.

You are going into high school after that and rugby is going be your life, it’ll come with many benefits so don’t even think of joining the choir, that girl you are following will be shouting your name during your first match.

Lastly keep away from cigarettes and alcohol, I know you think you look cool smoking that one you stole from Dad’s room, you dont!!  You’ll regret this!  Heed this last one and you are exempt from the others

I’ll make sure to do another letter when you are 18 and going to Uni..


Victor from 2010

On this note I tag, Nziokxs, Muniu and Muendo my partners in crime..


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