Rough Afternoons

It’s one of those rough afternoons where you are fighting with various documents, with constant interruptions from you inbox, for what you’d think is an important email but turn out to some American Viagra dudes who happen to harvest your email from a comment you left on a website. So you decide the best course of action is to read more blogs and make sure not to comment, lest the some other (French maybe) Viagra dudes mail you.

So Firefox gets opened and before you know it you have like 24 tabs open and the other docs hovering on your taskbar, not to worry. You lie to yourself that you are reading cerebral intellectual stuff but the tabs that hogs your attention is the one with details of Lindsay Lohan and her new girlie and you wishing that they could maybe give you a call, you discuss a few matter of mutual importance ;-). The NatGeo Page is languishing with no attention at all.

Nothing’s going well from the time not moving to you feeling hungry though you just had chapati mbili na ndegu. You brain is totally blank like a new foolscap. You are trying to look busy, kumbe you are dreaming of solitaire, thinking of spicing it up by playing spider solitaire that how rough it is.

You decide to go offline despite the fact that you are supposed to be working online in the first place, work on the documents before the boss figures out you are doing nothing.


7 thoughts on “Rough Afternoons

  1. Interesting gab. It is what I was doing before I got to this blog. So get back to work, before I blurb to the baas!

  2. Interesting observation. Thats what we call reading the today’s boys at work. Yesterday’s men at work could not even think of this online working as a reality, but a sci-fi sort of. Any way before I loose track of how many pages am commenting-reading right now, let me sign off and get bz. Good work

  3. I also do the same. Come into office, open google chrome and in no time i have 50 tabs! Mind you, i usually save previous tabs so za jana bado ziko!


  4. @Joliea good to seem that am not the only one, kama saa hii i have Firefox and Chrome open and they’ve got like 20 tabs each…

  5. Right now I got er..let’s see 8 tabs open in Google Chrome, I got tweetdeck on my task bar, paint, microsoft picture manager, paint (I don’t know what for), some random programming book, 3 adobe acrobat windows, netbeans, jcreator, windows media player and a couple of folders. This is on a slow day. And am trying not to comment in case I get spammed by viagra dudes.

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