Tanzania we are a’coming!

If you follow me on twitter or FB you’ll know that I will be moving to the +255 area code on Saturday.  I’ll be joining Sustainable Harvest to work on the implementation of a project that I think will be very useful for coffee farmers in Tanzania.

Sustainable Harvest is a US based coffee import company that sources coffee from Tanzania, Peru and Mexico and supplies the same to the US, you can read more about it here.

To say its been a blast working a WildlifeDirect would be putting it mildly, I have learnt alot here, got myself totally immersed in the digital world, made connections and them some, WD has grown me to be what I am today..  From my colleagues, Sam, Isaac, Joy, Mary, Paula, Tracy, Masumi, Enoch and the bloggers I have been interacting with, it’s been a blast.

I am looking forward to the challenge that the new job is going to bring and am sure I going to be learning a lot.  Putting my skills into new stuff, cant wait!

I’ll have more once I get settled.


For those of you who still doubt the usefulness of twitter, it helped me get this job, so try it out 😉


5 thoughts on “Tanzania we are a’coming!

  1. Interesting indeed that twitter got you this Job. Wonder though, will you be as active online when you hit TZ. Wildlife Direct is a classy case of Digital Savvy organizations, I hope your new employers appreciate technology as much.

    All the best and Congrats.

  2. Congratulations on the new job! I see your last twitter input says you’re listening to tunes in Kericho. Is that where you live? When and where do you move to Tanzania? I live in Canada but visit Kericho.

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