Morning Radio WTF!!!!

This post is basically rantish…..

I dont listening radio much, but when I do its almost always, BBC then XFM in that order, if not then I’ll listening to music on the laptop is just doing nothing.  So most of my interaction with morning radio shows has been on the bus/matatu on my way to the office.  Now the strange thing is that almost all of these are almost always tuned into Classic 105, when Maina and Kingangi let rip of ‘societal’ isues.

Now dont get me wrong I am not one of those uptight chaps who does not talk about, sex, relationships in all manner and form and whatnot, I have my opinions on these, but dude! does it mean that every commuter going to the office in the morning is a fan debates on infidelity, PDAs (that was today’s topic BTW) and all.

Doesn’t there exist someone who would like to listen to music and not be regaled by some fool who thinks being ‘chips fungwad’ is OK.

Maina and Kingangi are obviously very good at they do and this is not aimed at them but at their topics of discussion.

Seems I gonna have to invest in a decent MP3 player…….


6 thoughts on “Morning Radio WTF!!!!

  1. @Bobby n then the dreva tell you to fuck off when you tell him to change the dial to anotha station
    @edObie MP3 is the way forward.

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