Twitter, Facebook and whatnot

Among my frinds on facebook, they has been a debate about what or which platform is better to use, Facebook or Twitter.  My take is that it all depends on what you want to get out of your online interactions.  I use both, both professionally and personally and they have both been working for me as I intended them to.

Facebook for me is more personal, as in like friends I know, went to school with, have somehow met them, something like that, though I have been using in for WildlifeDirect business for sometime now.  The thing with Facebook is that the lines are blurred between your social life and you work life.  I mean how do explain someone posting photos of you from that night out you most certainly want to keep under wraps.

I am sure the way FB will monetize their systems is to separate the social from the professional, career advisors will tell to keep your wall clean as employers these days go through your FB wall to get a feel of what and who you are but that is something next to impossible.  If FB had a closed social bit of their platform and a more business-y bit then I think they’d be raking in lots right now.

Twitter on the other hand doesnt pretend to be a social/family thingy, it is all about conversations.  Talk to me I reply, ask a question if I know it and I follow you I’ll tell you the answer.  Most of the guys I follow and who follow me are those I have never set my eyes on but, the act of tweeting to them everyday has bred a familiarity that I dont even have with my FB pals.

Finak thing, Microsoft/Bing and Google have now incorporated Twitter into their search, that begs the question which is better, FB or Twitter?


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