The TANDAA08 conference, hosted by the Kenya ICT Board was supposed to showcase what local content developers are doing and the goverment plans to support them as we wait for the fibre optic cable to land in mombasa for what promised to good and very fast times for our internet industry.

Due to work schedules I could not attend the morning session, you can get info on the morning session from here. but I got there at around 2:00 in the afternoon and I was impressed with what guys are doing on the interwebs.  Among the speakers who presented their sites or gave talks included:

Aly Khan Satchu – rich.co.ke

Dr Sevilla – Strathmore University

Dr Mwirigi Kinagwi – askadoc.co.ke

Nick Nesbitt – Kencall

Alex Gakuru – Skunkworks

Ken Njoroge – Cellulant

Clement Ouda – myjobshouse.com

Muthoni Garland – storymoja.co.ke


Waithera – capitalfm.co.ke

Overall I can say that the conference fulfilled its aims, the government presentation would have helped guys know what support they can get from the ICT Board seeing as they’ve got a huge grant to help local content devs. get along.

It is heartening to note that many website owners are earning good money from e-commerce kenyaemerging.com being a very good example.  Capital FM Mobile for me was the best, a gprs service where you get business directory, forex rates, atm locator, news among other things, another plus being you only get charged by your service provider (Zain or Safaricom) and not by Capital, I will give most definitely give the service a try.

Alex Gakuru’s talk on Skunkworks was also very informative.

That said during the conference I started the feeling that the conference was starting to turn into a sales pitch forum with presenters pitching the companies, it isnt bad but next time do it subtly.

Points that came out:

  • There is a market for local content.
  • The pay for registration model for portals and content sites isnt feasible at the moment.
  • Monetizing mobile content provision is easier. (because mobile users are used to paying for services)
  • Gov’t registration need to be streamlined, too many vague licences

Not a definitive list but the few that I could gather.

Overall I must say the conference was good and more or less a success.


If you attended and have more that I missed, please leave a comment and I’ll update as required.


7 thoughts on “TANDAA 08

  1. I totally got that feeling in the afternoon too. That somewhere along the line it had morphed into a sales conference. Aly Khan Satchu and Ken Njoroge were careful not to go down that road though, methinks.

  2. Same here, Khan and Ken Njoroge were good at avoiding this. What did you think about the Capital Mobile stuff, was good yes!

  3. Missed that, I’m afraid. Left right after Ken Njoroge left.

    But, like you, I raised my eyebrows at the strathmore.edu ranking. I don’t think their student numbers are high, so it amounts to a great deal of internet activity per student. Maybe it has something to do with free wireless access.

    I know they have that at the business school, likely also at the University itself.

    Which reminds me, when Bitange Ndemo spoke in the morning, he hinted at a government plan in some not so distant future provide every student in public universities with a laptop and then later to progress to laptops for for every secondary student.

    Lofty plans, these, but even the fact that they’re on the mind says something good about the role this government sees for ICT in fulfilling Vision 2030. It only words at this juncture, but I have to say, the words impressed me. I don’t know how I forgot to blog about that.

  4. @Rombo
    The other day I got this info from haiya.co.ke, they say theirs is the 3rd biggest site after nation and standard so, strathmore and access kenya, was sceptical about that.
    One thing is that I think is that as a consequence of these words, (Vision 2030 and ICT), something will ultimately have to be done, so though am not waiting for something to happen like tomorrow, I think we are on the right track.
    Second thing is that the guys brought in to run the ICT programmes in the govt (ICT board), are to me guys with intergrity and they’ll try and to their best to move the ideas into tangibles

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