New Job – Wildlife Direct

Next week on Monday I will be starting an internship at Wildlife Direct, where I’ll mainly work with bloggers to build their blogs and generally to enhance their blogging experience.  Wildlife Direct is an organization which gives wildlife and environmental conservationists a platform to publish and get their experiences out to a wider world through blogs, it also handles donations to the bloggers.



I have been at Unilever Tea Kenya where I have enjoyed working and I am looking forward to working at Wildlife Direct because and most importantly, the work they are doing is very important as people only get to hear about what conservationists do when there is a crisis, while Wildlife Direct seeks to make this conversation continuous and proactive.  Secondly the job comes with a challenge for me to figure out ways of making the blogs more user and search friendly, a challenge which I am certain I will try my level best to overcome.



I was at the Wildlife Direct offices and from the little that I gathered then I’ll enjoy working there. 

There is a tendency to look at environmental and wildlife conservation detachedly and think that that is something for others to do, ‘we are all busy with other things’ that is something we should toss out of our minds.



Check out the various blogs on wildlifedirect,  you’ll find interesting stuff there, stuff that you did not know, and get involved.


More from me as I settle in.






3 thoughts on “New Job – Wildlife Direct

  1. Wow, u get to work with bloggers. Nice job. I think this will be so much fun for u. Incorporating wildlife and blogging. Means u get to travel.

    I hope u’re enjoying.

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