Creative Commons

According to Wikipedia, that all knowing point of reference for most of the people who conduct their business over the web, Creative Commons (CC) Licenses are;


The Creative Commons licenses enable copyright holders to grant some or all of their rights to the public while retaining others through a variety of licensing and contract schemes including dedication to the public domain or open content licensing terms. The intention is to avoid the problems current copyright laws create for the sharing of information.


Basically CC enables the use of content material and what not without seeking permission from the creator of material.


What I want to look at is the use of CC if any in Kenya.  Kahenya says there is a fear of CC in Kenya, he writes;


Recently, I held a small lecture to some business leaders about Creative Commons. Most of them were media execs and tech execs. We were talking about how CC affects their business models and how the want to implement CC. This conversation opened up a can of worms called Open Source and its actual dread in the work place. Why?Creative Commons to us is something that we really don’t need. Don’t get me wrong, we need CC but CC in Kenya will not be embraced whole especially with the Music Copyright guys out for blood. As well as music artists. Yes content is yours, but finding a way to get it shared appropriately should be what the industry should be doing. I think their strategy of win ’em all, take no hostages fails them. I spoke to an intern last week who said that if the music is good, then he would buy it. And he has bought CDs, but he could not find the one he really wanted cause it was sold out. To me, sometimes it seems the record labels are to blame. There is nothing wrong with releasing your content on CC. You can even sell it. But the more you share, the more you become famous. Take for instance Prince (or the Artist formerly known as whoever!!!), he released his CD for free and had concerts @ the Dome in North Greenwich which made him a ton of money. Plus merchandising killed it. A friend of mine went for the concert 3 times. Paid 3 times for her and her husband, and later with her friends. Don’t be scared of CC. Its a good thing.


Truth of the matter is that as a publisher, broadcaster etc your main aim is to reach out to as many people as possible, where CC helps in this is that anybody else is free to quote you, share your stuff to others without having to seek you out for permission as this lead to bureaucracies and loss of time.


The variety of licenses available under CC enables one to do this without having any fear of plagiarism, or lack of attribution and the like.  Most of the bloggers I know have published there stuff under CC and most of the time any further use of their material is credited to them.  I do not think any of them has had any misgivings about this.


CC is not about giving away IP for free but making easier their sharing and use, online trends indicate that most users/visitors and to a larger extent publishers want information which they can reuse on their sites as well, copyrighting this brings the attendant problems like having to seek you out for permission which in turn makes your news stale.

This is a first post and will continue after some email consultations….



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