We need experince!!!!

It’s been a while since I wrote on journalism, seeing as I trained to be a journalist, I have been reading the young journalist blog at journalism.co.uk and I appreciate it for having a place where guys who look at journalism the way I do hang out.


I think I’ve wanted to be a journalist for a long while now, after going through the whole law and lawyer-ing phase, I realized that I loved being the one to be the first one out with a story, I love looking for information and I also loved and still do love writing.


Fast forward to Uni. where the college though you are study the art of reporting you get to read of newsrooms letting go of staff, implementing the dreaded cost-cutting.  Yeah your articles and stories get published but no one wants to give you a job let alone pay you for your stuff. (though there others who’ll follow up your payment till you get paid) yeah


I took a break from Uni. for a year, due to several reasons among them some family stuff,  during this time, I decided to look for a job, and if I managed to get one then I’d do my last semester in the evenings. 


In this search I have come to realize that while editors might like you stuff there is also a devil called experience.  That’s what galls me, who in his right mind would expect you to have, two years experience working for a paper when you’ve just graduated from uni. where you were in class full time? and the funny thing here, the university newspaper, blogs and websites don’t count because this are self-publishing platforms.  Some guys forget that they also were once starting out.


That’s when I decided to do my own stuff, self-publish, blog like mad, just write, write and write, if a good opportunity comes along yay I’ll take it if it doesn’t then I’ll just continue writing. 


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