Facebook Re-union

Recently I got a message from a former schoolmate of mine who we had recently hooked up on facebook.  I had not seen him for like 10 years.  Now we are planning a reunion of sorts, contacting all our mates, hoping to see each other finally at the end of this month.


This got me thinking of the benefits from new media, I am sure if it was not for facebook I would not have met many of my old classmate again.  Not because I do not want but how to do it.


I have also met made many new friends on twitter, came across many opportunities which would have otherwise went past me.


What I am saying it that new media has made the physical boundaries and limitations non existent.  Picture this with snail mail, you’d write a letter then wait like two weeks for it to arrive, another week for the recipient to write out his reply and another two weeks for it arrive.  Now contrast this with the instant response you get.


Extrapolate this to commerce no more waiting for payment cheques, quicker and faster decision making processes.  The multiplicity of ideas, you can go on and on.


I am worried though that, Kenya, might be left behind as the world moves on technologically; there are some chaps who seem averse to technology.  You know thing are not going wrong if a company is still using typewriters and all and not for the lack of money.


Rather than digress, I would like to tell all those chaps who I was with in primary school, if you manage to read this head over to facebook and let’s link up.


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