Mobile Marketer’s Code of Conduct

Following a story from BizCommunity, I came across the newly released Code of Conduct from Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) a conglomeration of companies which utilize the cell phone to market their stuff.  The association came out with the code to try and regulate mobile marketing efforts which have surely been a trial and error affair.


The Code is divided into three five categories namely, notice, choice and consent, customization and constraint, security, enforcement and accountability. For more info. you can get it here.



The second category of the code is what I have problems with, here in Kenya when you opt into a marketing programme, say to receive updates of a game or photos from a game, opting out is a torturous affair, the number usually given to send a SMS to, to opt it usually dead and even after calling the service provider, or the marketer you get nothing till y luck you mange to do so.  Seems these guys are very happy to sign you on and not to let you go.


The code itself says the opt-in and opt-out procedures should be as simple as possible as and opt-out procedures should be provided regularly. 


Security of user information is also a part where the mobile marketer may be tempted to ignore or profit from.  As a mobile marketer it is possible to get a whole lot of data pertaining to user preferences and want, this is the information that companies crave for and are willing to pay a lot for, so the marketer should ensure that this remains private and secure.


This leads to the last category, enforcement.  It is a shame that whereas this code would regulate the operations of mobile marketers, there is no enforcement agency.  I read this to be the MMA trying to be politically-correct in formulating this code while in fact the no enforcement.  The association has left it to its members to evaluate themselves, whether this works is anybody’s guess.


You can read BizCommunity’s article here


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