CNN iReport

It seems that traditional media has started to take notice of citizen journalism, what with CNN iReport tool which allows citizen to upload news using cell phones or computers.  This isn’t to say that iReport is a new feature but the fact that CNN shelled out 750,000 dollars at the beginning of the year for & domains, should tell that citizen reporting is what the future portends for journalism.  ABC News’s I-Caught which featured caught out videos sent in by viewers had also started by floundered due to unknown circumstances.


CNN’s global media power oozes out of the iReport site, its banners says Unedited, Unfiltered, News, going through it you can definitely see a corporation at work, I’m sorry but that is what galls me.  How do you can advertise unfiltered information whereas in fact you have editors whose work is basically to filter that news?


What comes out here is that CNN is trying to put a foot into the citizen journalism arena but does not think that what it gets there will be that newsworthy.  It is trying, I think, to test if it makes business sense at all.


This leads to the question, ‘Does citizen journalism make business sense for a media house to incorporate it into their operations?’


The aesthetics of the site are not that bad, after all what would you expect for a global media house and the interface is alright.


Looking at the site and going through it I am of the opinion that if CNN continues like this it will go a long way.  But guys reduce the editorial control a bit.


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