Google’s Africa Blog

Google has finally start their Africa blog for all thing african and googleish.  This focus into the Africa sphere is good for both the user and Google as the bandwidth rates continue coming all over the continent.

My hope is that more of African contect will get into the search engine’s systems.  You can check it out at here.

Google’s other aim as stated in the site is to:

Google’s aim is to democratize access to the world’s information. But clearly we (along with other companies) face significant challenges in Africa in making the Internet available to as many people as possible. How do we help the hundreds of millions of people who are illiterate? How do we make the world’s information available in African languages (about 2000 languages are spoken on this continent)? How do we support online access for people who live in rural environments without electricity? How do we make African content more widely available – not only in Africa, but around the world? How can we get more people connected, and make access faster and cheaper? These are some of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves.

I hope they’ve been thinking about the answers also.

They have also announced a gadget competion to reward the Comp. Sci. students and technicians in East Africa, I think.  So this is the chance for all of you out the with a gadget enter.


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