How I Write Radio Scripts.

Having done the tagline post yesterday, I thought I’d take it further and do a radio advert script fro Zed, my hangover cure.

Backstory to this is that when I was interviewing for my current job, my Creative Director then asked for a couple of radio scripts to see how I write. So I wrote one up in the cyber cafe and it was about a hangover cure wonder drug.

But here’s my process….

Zed radio script notes

Writing scripts is easy, what’s difficult is making the script memorable/interesting one that someone can listen to without cringing or feeling that it is an intrusion to what he/she is listening to. It is always important to know that radio listeners give fuck-all about your ad, that should guide you when starting out.

Humour is usually the go-to device for most writers, it usually works but it does in extremes ie the spot is either hilarious or not, when using humour as your hook, you either get it or not. I usually try and stay away from this because I’m not a very funny person.

On Monday, I’ll post a couple of script options based on the devices in the image above.

How do you write YOUR scripts?


How I write taglines.

I did not beat the deadline I set myself yesterday to post but better late than ever.

I’m a copywriter and taglines are part of what I come up with, here’s how I write them. This is for a drug called Zed, a hangover cure that I conjured up.

Zed tagline scribbles
Zed tagline scribbles

I try and get lines that align towards each thought in groups, then cull that to what to me represents what I want to say then finally cull this to two or three. From there it’s submitting it for approval.

On an aside, a Zed-like drug should be created ASAP.

Back Again

I’ve decided to get back to actively posting, seeing as I do write for a living.

I’m looking at a sort of collation format where I post links I like/read with short blurbs about why I like them and the occasional post when the body & mind patana.

First post off this is tomorrow 1500Hrs Nairobi time.